Complete Bikes are often our largest orders and also carry the most amount of risk. It is quite common that we see orders placed with stolen credit cards and requests to expedite shipping. We have put together a quick list for you to make your buying experience smoother and to help get you your bike faster. 

Waiting Period: All complete bikes over $1000 have a minimum 48 hour waiting period when paid via credit card at checkout. Factors such as having your billing and shipping address at the same location will help with the verification process. 

PayPal Payments: PayPal is our preferred form of payment on complete bikes. If you need an order for a bike expedited, we are only able to provide this service if your payment is made via PayPal and is approved for seller protection. 

Expedited Shipping - Complete Bikes: As mentioned above, you must pay via PayPal if you would like your bike expedited. We still have our standard build and pack time (0-2 days), but we will be able to provide expedited options upon request. Expedited shipping is paid in full by the buyer before shipment. 

In store pickup - Complete Bikes: All complete bikes ordered through our website that request in store pickup have a minimum 48 hour waiting period. You must show valid ID that matches your shipping and billing address on the order, along with your order confirmation email when you pick the bike up. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this policy might cause you and hope you understand these steps are required to properly protect our business on these purchases.