Shipping has it's fair share of issues in todays eCom world. One of those issues is that occasionally, the carrier will show a delivery scan but the customer did not receive it. This can be due to multiple factors including but not limited to: 

  • The carrier scanned the item but did not yet attempt delivery (generally to a "mailbox"). This is a USPS classic. They are attempting to "fool" their system/bosses into thinking the item arrived on time when in reality it did not. We generally see these items delivered 24-48 hours after the delivery scan.
  • The carrier delivered to a neighbor or neighboring business. This is also a common occurrence in highly populated areas. We recommend check with your neighbors to see if anyone received your item.
  • The package was delivered to the correct address, but was stolen by a porch pirate. 

In all of these scenarios, we know it is frustrating. Please contact our customer service department to open a case and investigate your package.