You placed your order, we got it out quick and uploaded tracking. You are stoked, what could go wrong, right? Wrong. Any number of things can go wrong during your packages transit, and we are here to help if anything does happen. However, one of the most common themes we are seeing at an increasing rate is this - 

A package shows it was delivered via USPS, but the customer did not get it. Often, the customer was at home waiting and received this notification. Please note that our order update emails are triggered by USPS scan events (out for delivery, delivered, etc.) so the email you receive when this happens is directly connected to the message from USPS. 

The simple answer to the missing package is often simple, USPS did not even attempt to deliver your package. They are simply marking the item at their post office (often in the later parts of the day) to avoid poor performance reports for their staff. 

Here is a great article written that illustrates this issue:

What's next? Almost every time that we see USPS pull this, the item is delivered in the next 1-2 business days. If you find yourself in this situation and need your package that day, you should be able to retrieve it at your local post office. Otherwise, the carrier will be bringing it by when they catch up. 

This USPS issue seems to intensify during peak times (holidays) so please be alert and aware of the situation. While we are here to help, there is little to nothing we can do to help with this specific issue. 

If you do not want your order shipped with USPS (our most common with free shipping), please select your desired carrier at checkout.